Finish is a function of tool rigidity. It is also the natural result of our close tolerance capabilities that we can make parts with surface finishes that make it hard to tell they were machined at all.

Quality you can see.

High visibility components, such as housings for avionics and medical equipment, need to look flawless. Anything less would compromise the trust people put in the products themselves. We understand this, and take great pride in the appearance of the parts we deliver, and the superior level of care and quality they demonstrate.

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Finish strong.

The rigid, precision equipment and quality standards that allow us to meet strict specifications are the same that enable us to eliminate the visible traces of the machining process. Lapping, deburring, sandblasting, and other methods all have their uses, but nothing can substitute true close tolerance machining when it comes to producing a flawless finish.

Continuous quality assurance is built into our process.

It allows us to identify and correct anomalies early so that miniscule variations don’t become big issues. Our range of manual and computerized inspection equipment is key, but it’s our people who make the difference. There is no substitute for attention to detail or proactive communication among team members and with our clients.

Fluke Metal actively invests in state-of-the-art CNC milling, Swiss turning, and other machining equipment. However, the latest and greatest technology is only as good as the engineering and programming that goes into it, as well as the quality assurance and control that consistently ensure a top quality finished product.

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